Caregiving: A Labour of Love

By Lawrence Belanger, Local Journalism Initiative
Caregiving: A Labour of Love

Having a loved one you can take care of can be one of life’s most fulfilling experiences. But what happens when our loved ones are unable to care for themselves? According to Proche aidance, one in four people in Quebec provide support to a member of their family with a permanent or temporary disability. Marie Moliner and Paul Labelle are two such caregivers in the Eastern Townships.
Marie Moliner is the informal caregiver for her husband, Kevin Whitaker, a former judge on the Ontario bench. When Kevin was diagnosed, first with Parkinson’s in 2015 and with Lewy Body Dementia the following year, Marie became the caregiver of the man she married roughly 40 years ago. “It’s all about attitude,” says Marie, about her decision to be Kevin’s primary support. “Life has thrown me lemons, I’m going to make really, really, really good lemonade. I love this man.”
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