CÉGEP bus station reopens following renovations

By Aiden Wilson, Special to The Record
CÉGEP bus station reopens following renovations

The Société de transport de Sherbrooke (STS) recently announced the reopening of the Cégep bus station following the decision to renovate it back in 2018.
With the finalization of the first phase of construction, its outside platforms will once again be available to residents, with STS drivers as of Aug. 15 serving urban transit customers in the redesigned station.
On why they chose to renovate, Stéphan Veilleux, assistant general manager of operations and development for the STS, said “Since 2018 we have had more than 46,000 active service hours from the station, so we had to increase our capacity and efficiency, as well as overhaul pedestrian safety, inside and outside the station.”
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