Celebrate 50 years of the ski program at Theater Lac-Brome

By Taylor McClure, Special to Brome County News

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Knowlton’s Academy ski program and all those who have contributed to making it a success, community member Jessica Brown is planning a 5 à 7 celebration at Theatre Lac-Brome in the month of April. “We started this project a few years ago because I knew that the anniversary was coming up,” said Brown. “I went and interviewed Lucile a while ago to have it ready for when we did do this event. We’ve been trying to collect pictures and videos, which has been quite difficult. We want to do a montage of pictures, videos, and testimonials of the people involved.” While still sorting out some of the details, Brown said that the event is really all about thanking those who have played a major role in developing the ski program. “It’s a celebration of the anniversary and to thank the people who participated, contributed, and started it. It was basically started by a group of mothers. If these ladies hadn’t taken it and ran with it, it never would have happened. A lot of kids learned to ski through that program. It’s a big deal.”See full story in the Feb. 25 edition of Brome County News.

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