Celebrating a labour of #sherbylove

By Gordon Lambie
Celebrating a labour of #sherbylove

The much debated #sherbylove mural in downtown Sherbrooke got its official inauguration on Wednesday morning, almost two weeks after being unveiled to the public. Though the mural has drawn mixed reactions from the public over its cost and the use of what some feel is an English term, the focus of the event was on celebrating the work, the artists who conceived of and created it, and the message that it holds for the people of Sherbrooke.

“The goal of this fifteenth mural was not to stir up controversy,” said Serge Malenfant, President of M.U.R.I.R.S. the Sherbrooke-based mural collective that created the artwork. “On the contrary, we wanted to celebrate Sherbrooke and share a message of love; that Sherbrooke is a beautiful city, open to the world, where it is a pleasure to live.”

Malenfant extended great and extensive thanks to the many partners in the process of creating what he said was M.U.R.I.R.S.’ most technically complex artwork of the fifteen murals painted in the last 15 years.

Read the full story in Thursday’s Record.

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