Celebrating Canada Day without celebrations

By Cassandra Pegg, Special to Brome County News

Canada Day at the Lions Park is a long-standing tradition, having drawn in locals and tourists alike for decades. People of all ages flock to the park for a day of festivities.
Unfortunately this year, the official celebrations were cancelled across the country in order to respect COVID-19 guidelines. Another year will have to pass before Knowlton can once again experience the transformation of the park into a world of petting zoos, concerts, dog shows, old cars, maple leaf tattoos, patriotism, and, of course, the best fireworks around.
This does not mean, however, that Canada day passed unnoticed in the region or the country. Firework sales were way up throughout Canada as people made up for the lack of organized celebrations. Niagara Falls was lit up in the colours of the Canadian Flag. Closer to home, many people took the day to be with family. Sandra Taylor of Knowlton celebrated with her daughter and boyfriend and a relaxing barbeque. Outside cooking was a popular choice for the evening. Dawn Singfield of Foster turned the day into a celebration of her son’s graduation from high school, with a big barbeque at home in his honour.
Some people expressed their love of Canada through Facebook posts and Instagram pictures. Others celebrated by supporting local businesses. Virginia Wilson of Knowlton was happy to launch her new store, Le Marché eTownships, on the first of July. It is an online one-stop shop for products made in the Eastern Townships. Miranda Côté of Knowlton made a day of shopping local, starting off her morning at Boulangerie Lace for some baked goods, Virgin Hill Coffee for a caffeine kick and eating at a local restaurant for supper.
Not everyone celebrated in the usual way. Shirley Hadlock of Knowlton spent her morning getting an in-home haircut and spent a quiet day at home. The calm continued into the night as no fireworks lit up the skies to disrupt it. The dogs of Canada surely rejoiced at the lack of thunderous booms from their owner’s celebrations.
It was a day of work for some, relaxing for others, but missing the celebrations at the Lion’s Park for all. With the pandemic sweeping away many of the annual traditions looked forward to by so many, it is important to make the best of things and enjoy these special days as much as possible regardless. The year will pass quickly and hopefully by next July 1, Canada Day in Knowlton will be back in full swing.

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