Celtic Harmonies back for a fifth edition

Taylor McClure, Special to The Outlet

The Celtic Harmonies International Festival is back in the Townships this year and if you plan on purchasing tickets you better do so, and fast, because they are selling like hot cakes! The Celtic Harmonies International Festival has been taking place in the Eastern Townships since 2011 and it has grown to be a Townshipper favorite ever since. Speaking with April O’Donoughue, who takes on the large task of organizing the festival, we went back to where it all started. While the festival has been in the Townships since 2011, it all started back in Montreal where April was living at the time. “I started it in the year 2000 in Montreal. I was living over there at the time. I did it three summers in a row and it drained me it was so huge.” After taking a long break, she finally decided to start the festival up again. “We never stopped; we were always doing a concert somewhere. Then I was ready to do the full fledged thing and I wanted to do it in my region. I thought it would be good for the community, to bring them great music, and the local economy.” See full story in the Friday, Sept. 27 edition of The Outlet.

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