Champlain College back in session

By Gordon Lambie

The summer is over for the 1,278 students enrolled at Champlain College’s Lennoxville campus this year. As of 8 a.m. Monday the Cegep students were off to class for the first time this school year.
“We’re back at it,” Campus Director Nancy Beattie told The Record, explaining that move-in day was last Thursday for the 300 or so students living in residence, followed by an orientation day on Friday for new arrivals this year. “What I think is fantastic news is that we have more returning students than new students,” added Beattie, sharing that there are 750 returning students in that total.
While ever so slightly higher this year than last, the campus director shared the start of term enrollment numbers with the caveat that the numbers are always higher on day one then they end up overall as students are free to drop classes until the 20 of September. “This is always the high water mark because they start and then they drop,” she said. Asked about what’s new at the college this year, Beattie shared that the Computer Science and Technology program is returning this semester after a multi-year hiatus. “It’s really exciting for us,” the campus director said. “A lot of students have been asking for it over the last several years, but we were well aware that the ministry was re-writing the program so we wanted to make sure we had the most updated version.” See full story in the Tuesday, Aug. 20 edition of The Record.

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