Champlain’s Nursing Program Seeing Reduction in Applicants

By Johnathan Houle – Special to The Record
Champlain’s Nursing Program Seeing Reduction in Applicants
(Photo : Courtesy Champlain Nursing)

The nursing program at Champlain Regional College has been seeing an unfortunate decline in interested applicants over the last two years, with the lack of admissions suspected to be caused by the concerning reports of burnout and the overwork of all those who have been fighting the pandemic. According to Heather Bilkes, who is a part of the nursing faculty, and Department Coordinator Myrianne Chailler, this is not only affecting Champlain Regional College, but all colleges across Quebec as many institutions are currently struggling fill their classrooms.

“Across the province, there is a decrease overall in applicants to nursing programs.” Chailler explained.
While many applicants are hesitant to apply due to the stories current healthcare workers are sharing, even those who are passionate about the program and who wish to enter still have doubts about the quality. Many students currently enrolled as well as graduates have been voicing concerns about the disruption that the pandemic has had on the program.

Melissa Mailloux, a graduate of the program, voiced her concerns over how online classes could affect the nursing students.

“The hardest part would be learning all the practical skills needed to be a nurse,” she said. “Nursing is extremely hands-on and even if basic understanding of the skills used by nurses is there, when these students will have to use these skills in real life, it will be difficult.”
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