Change in direction at Magog’s Maison Merry

By Johnathan Houle – Special to The Record
Change in direction at Magog’s Maison Merry
New Director Karl Boulé (Photo : Maison Merry)

Magog’s oldest urban house turned museum has recently had a change in management. Karl Boulé, the new executive director at Maison Merry, is looking forward to the coming year as he believes his management will bring many innovative ideas to the museum.

Since its opening in 2018, the heritage building has housed many exhibits and activities focused on the rich cultural history of the Magog area. At the helm of the operation was previous director, Sophie Charbonneau, a well respected and dedicated historian who helped create and manage the museum since its announcement in early 2016. After announcing her leave earlier this year, the new executive director Karl Boulé has recently taken up the reins.

Originally from Montreal, Boulé moved to the Magog area to get away from the city. Contrary to the previous director who had many years of museum management under her belt, Boulé has neither a training in history nor museum management. “Maison Merry was looking for someone with a new vision for the place,” said Boulé, adding, “I’m a business development guy who has prior experience in the TV and movie field.” Also possessing a great working relationship with many non-profits in the Montreal area, as well as a good understanding of the various forms of government is believed to be another reason why Boulé was chosen for the director position.
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