Charles Catchpaugh: The man who could do it all

By Taylor McClure, Special to The Outlet

The late Charles Catchpaugh had a famous reputation in the Townships for being the man who could do everything, literally everything. As a writer and newspaper owner, musician, artist, photographer, businessman, athlete, and community leader, Catchpaugh’s set of skills and talents were endless. Those that knew him are well aware of the work he accomplished throughout his lifetime and carried out in his community as a local of Magog. For those who didn’t know Charles Catchpaugh, now you will. It was around 1953 when Harvey Catchpaw (no, they are not related) first met Charles. “He was working part time for The Record at that time,” Harvey explained. “He became active in his reporting and he was always writing about Orford.” Mount Orford that is. The development of Mount Orford ski area finds its beginnings when Herman Johannsen, along with local ski enthusiasts like Harry Milne, started surveying the mountain for the best spots to clear ski trails in the 1940s. Dr. Marston Adams, a Magog local, was also a leading force in developing Mount ­Orford as a successful ski area. An active skier himself, Adams started training high school students from Magog High School with many joining him to form the Mount Orford Ski Club. Around 1956, Mount Orford received its first Ski Patrol under Arlene Whittier after her son broke his leg while skiing and needed immediate assistance. That’s when Charles stepped onto the scene. After Harvey joined the ski patrol himself, he approached Charles to get on board. “In 1959-1960, a group of us begged him to take over as president of the ski patrol after Arlene retired.” Charles accepted the position. See full story in the Friday, January 31 edition of The Outlet.

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