Charles Taylor coming to town

By Gordon Lambie

World-renowned philosopher Charles Taylor is coming to Lennoxville this Thursday for the first talk of this year’s Donald Lecture Series. Starting at 7 p.m. in Centennial Theatre, Taylor will sit down for an on-stage interview with Bruce Gilbert, Chair of Philosophy and Liberal arts at the University.
Taylor has been recognized for his contributions to many branches of philosophy, but is likely best known in Quebec for his role as co-Chair of the Bouchard-Taylor commission on reasonable accommodation and his subsequent criticism of Bill 21, Quebec’s legislation prohibiting some public sector employees from wearing religious symbols. “He really is one of the four or five most important and original living philosophers in the world,” Gilbert told The Record on Tuesday. “He’s very interested in humanity’s self-transformative or creative power.” The department chair acknowledged that particularly European philosophers have a reputation for being “obscure and dense,” but said that he has paid special attention to making sure the talk on Thursday balances talking seriously with Taylor about his ideas and doing so in a way that will not go over people’s heads. See full story in the Wednesday, Sept. 25 edition of The Record.

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