Christian high school looking to take over Val Estrie site

By Gordon Lambie

Since it ceased to operate in the spring of 2016, there have been questions about the future of the former Camp Val Estrie site in Waterville. Earlier this month an answer was offered when Samuel Fortier and his wife Veronic Perron, the team behind the La Source Christian school in Huntingville, revealed that they are in the process of trying to reopen the space as a bilingual alternative high school. “It’s the same idea (as La Source),” Fortier explained. “It’s alternative, we want smaller class sizes, and we take good care of the students. We think we have a good chance to start as soon as next year.” According to the school director, there are two processes currently underway that need to be completed for the project, entitled “Mission High School” to be completed. On one hand the organizers need to have the zoning of the property changed by the town of Waterville to support the new initiative, and on the other hand they need a permit from the provincial education ministry to open a new school. Since Waterville is generally favourable to the idea, Fortier said that he’s not very concerned about the first component, but the permit seeking is more complicated. “It’s not an easy process,” he said, reflecting that establishing a high school is proving more challenging than the same process for an elementary school nearly a decade ago. See full story in the Monday, Jan. 27 edition of The Record.

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