Christmas comes early for the Granada Theatre

Christmas comes early for the Granada Theatre

By Gordon Lambie


There were several pieces of good news announced at the same time for the team at the Granada Theatre in Sherbrooke on Tuesday morning. After close to two years of challenges as a result of the limitations on gathering that have come with the COVID-19 pandemic, Suzanne Marie Landry, General Manager and artistic Director for the Granada, hailed the new developments as an opportunity to turn the page and get the performance venue back to full form.

“It is really good to be here to be here today to announce only good news,” Landry said, noting that this time last year the theatre was in the process of announcing the cancellation of all of its holiday plans. “Over the last two years media have reached out to us frequently, and it has almost always been because of discouraging news.”

The first of Tuesday’s announcements was $296,000 provided through the federal government’s Making Cultural Spaces Safe During COVID-19 Initiative. That money has been spent on two new projection screens that will be available for programming and festivals downtown in the coming years. This new equipment will help allow better access to outdoor performances and film screenings by letting people who are keeping their distance from crowds have a better view of what is taking place on the stage.

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