Church bell display stolen and dragged to nearby bike path

Church bell display stolen and dragged to nearby bike path
(Photo : Courtesy)

By Michael Boriero

The bell on display outside of the Plymouth-Trinity United Church in Sherbrooke was removed and dragged over to the nearby bicycle path, where it was abandoned and discovered by a snow plow driver clearing the city’s sidewalks last Wednesday.

According to Stuart Robinson, a longtime member of the church, the bell was a gift, and it acts as a reminder of the former Trinity United Church, which was demolished and absorbed by the old Plymouth United Church in 1971. Robinson was confused when it suddenly disappeared.

“We thought that possibly the city had taken the bell because they were supposed to remove the bell in 2022 because they’re putting a traffic circle in that area. We discovered the drag marks where the bell had been dragged and obviously it wasn’t moved by the city,” he said.

Robinson told The Record that the bell has been stolen in the past. Nearly 15 years ago it was taken and transported to a scrap dealer all the way in Montreal. It was reported missing in February and the church only recovered it in April, he explained in a phone interview.
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