CHUS Expansion still moving forward

By Gordon Lambie
CHUS Expansion still moving forward

Quebec Health Minister Gaetan Barrette was at the CIUSSS de L’Estrie-CHUS’ hospital in Fleurimont yesterday to announce that the planned Childrens’ and Maternal Health unit and Emergency services expansion project has moved to the next step and is on-track to begin construction in 2018. Following up on the announcement in July of 2015 that the expansion would go ahead, Monday’s announcement was essentially a confirmation that the project is still moving forward.

“The project is moving from its first to its second step,” Barrette said. “That is, moving from the study and approval step to sorting out the fine details before we put out a call for tenders. When we finish that last step, then we move to construction.”

The Health Minister estimated that he will be back to announce the call for tenders on construction of the new facility in late 2017, and that construction itself will begin in 2018.

“The last time I came I told you that I would make no announcement that will not be completed,” Barrette said. “In 2018 there will be a groundbreaking (…) that will be the case.”

Read the full story in Tuesday’s Record.

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