CHUS Foundation soil sale brings in $8,000

Record Staff

This past Saturday morning, May 16, Excavation Robert Pothier in Rock Forest held a special fundraising dirt sale for the CHUS Foundation. Beginning at 7 a.m. the sale drew dozens of people and was able to raise $8,000 toward the purchase of a specialized MRI machine for the treatment of people with prostate cancer.
“The collaboration between Excavation Robert Pothier and the Fondation du CHUS is a great proof of solidarity,” said Martin Clermont, Executive Director of the foundation. “The money raised during this activity will be donated to the Urology Department at the CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS in order to purchase an ultrasound MRI machine (Echo-fusion). This equipment has proven to be a much more effective and sensitive option than a biopsy to screen for prostate cancer. I would like to thank Mr. Pothier for his immense generosity, as well as his entire team for the energy deployed during this sale.”
Pothier said that the idea for the sale came out of the desire to do something for the foundation in a time when many fundraising efforts have been hard hit. He shared this idea with his friend Yolande Houle, a longtime volunteer for the foundation, and the activity came together.
The instigators said they were pleased to see people turn out in large numbers to take advantage of the opportunity to acquire soil for their lawns and gardens.
Prostate cancer is Quebec’s most diagnosed form of cancer and the third most deadly among men. To date different fundraising efforts have succeeded in securing $141,000 of the overall cost of the echo-fusion machine.

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