Citizens concerned that Wulftec may leave Ayer’s Cliff

Citizens concerned that  Wulftec may leave Ayer’s Cliff
Close to 50 members of the public attended Ayer’s Cliff’s council meeting on Monday to learn more about rumours that had spread about Wulftec considering leaving town. (Photo : Aiden Wilson)

By Aiden Wilson
Special to The Record

Rumours spread throughout the weekend that Wulftec, a packaging company and major industry in Ayer’s Cliff, was considering packing up shop and leaving town.
Close to 50 citizens attended Monday evening’s council meeting to get to the truth of the matter.
The speculation originated from the Spotted Ayer’s Cliff Facebook Page with a post informing people that Wulftec was considering relocating to either Sherbrooke or Magog should it not be given permission to pursue an expansion project. The post also pointed out the impact the move could have on Ayer’s Cliff businesswise and encouraged residents to attend the council meeting on May 2 to voice their dissatisfaction with the roadblocks imposed on the company by the municipality.
Ayer’s Cliff Mayor Simon Roy informed the 50 or so meeting attendees before the question period that a public meeting was being planned for the week of May 16, where representatives of both Wulftec and the municipality would be present to provide the population with clear answers.
Despite the Mayor imploring the larger than average number of attendees to hold their questions until then, comments quickly erupted with concerns on the matter regardless.
Fervent displeasure was expressed with the council’s inaction on the matter, with worries that the loss of Wulftec could also have serious financial implications for the future of the municipality.
One individual cited their pride in finding Wulftec products all the way in California, with the knowledge it was produced right there in Ayer’s Cliff, and urged the mayor to find a compromise that would allow the company to stay, which was met by a round of applause by those in attendance.
The Mayor informed the public that communication between Wulftec and the council was still ongoing, and that correspondence remained cordial and without malice.
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