Citizens group wondering what’s to become of the woods

Citizens group wondering what’s to become  of the woods
(Photo : Gordon Lambie)

By Gordon Lambie

The latest in a series of citizens’ groups within the City of Sherbrooke looking to preserve green spaces is rallying around an area they’re referring to as the Ascot-Lennox woods. Although lacking in firm definition, the area in question generally refers to the wooded area between Wellington Street South, the Ecole Du Phare in the city’s Ascot District on the north end, and College Street to the south.
“It is one of the only remaining green spaces left within Sherbrooke’s urban perimeter that is not protected in some official capacity,” said Anne-Marie Lalonde, one of the founding members of the Association citoyenne pour la protection du Boisé Ascot-Lennox.
“The mission of the association is really to protect the natural environment and make it something that is valued,” explained fellow group member Matthieu Vinette.
Both Lalonde and Vinette recognized that the woodland in question is made up of a collection of private properties and underlined the fact that their group is more about encouraging preservation and appreciation than it is about forest management.
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