City adopts $119 ­million ­capital expenditures budget

By newsroom

Record Staff – The City of Sherbrooke has adopted a capital expenditures budget of roughly $119 million in 2019, an almost $20 million increase from 2018. The budget earmarks $105 million for City projects, while more than $13 million will be dedicated to Hydro-Sherbrooke projects. City Council met in extraordinary session Friday and adopted the budget related only to fixed assets for the next three years. The operational budget will be adopted in December. “This is a first,” said Mayor Steve Lussier. “This way of presenting the capital budget first will not only allow us to anticipate the major investments we have to make in our infrastructure for the coming years, but will also allow us to apply for grants earlier with the provincial and federal governments.” See full story in the Monday, October 29 edition of The Record.

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