City to ­address wastewater spill

Record Staff

The City of Sherbrooke will proceed with a cleanup of the ditch on private property on Émery-Fontaine Street. This ditch was damaged following a wastewater spill that occurred in mid-December during work carried out by municipal workers. On Dec. 13, the City corrected the illegal connection of a business on Émery-Fontaine Street, whose wastewater was discharged into a storm water pipe that empties directly into the ­Magog River. During the corrective work, unexpected wastewater had to be pumped into Émery-Fontaine Street as a matter of urgency for about ten minutes. Without the emergency pumping, the area’s water system would have been contaminated and a boil water advisory for several days would have been required. The wastewater travelled as far as a ditch on private property down the street. The street was cleaned up in the following hours. However, City of Sherbrooke staff did not immediately intervene in the ditch since municipal interventions on private property are not common practice and must be analyzed beforehand. See full story in the Friday, Jan. 10 edition of The Record.

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