Classic car honours military veterans

Classic car honours military veterans

By Steve Blake

Special to the Record


When Brad Crawford heard that there was a classic car around Stanstead bearing the signatures of military veterans, he thought it should include local vets too. He organized a signing party at the legion Saturday during which 12 veterans put their signatures on the 1973 AMC Javelin.

Crawford organizes events – mainly fundraisers – for the Stanstead legion.

“I saw pictures of the car,” he said. “I thought it would be really neat.”

“With the dances starting back up tonight this would be a good way to get people out to the legion.” The event turned out to be a classic car show as well.

Crawford said he felt he’d be lucky to get one veteran to sign the car, but he was pleased to get a dozen.

Claude Gagne, the car’s owner for the past five years or so, said he bought the classic Javelin from Richard Straight from Upper Jay, NY. Straight had been in the US Army and had the car painted so other veterans could sign it. He travelled around the US a little and got several signatures.

Gagne bought it when Straight put it up for auction and he’s continuing the tradition.

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