Coatic’Art celebrates 15 years with new exhibit

By Aiden Wilson, Special to The Record
Coatic’Art celebrates 15 years with new exhibit
(Photo : Aiden Wilson)

The Coatic’Art group is celebrating 15 years this summer with an exhibition featuring dozens of unique works made by members of the local creative group.
Hosted by the Beaulne Museum in Coaticook, the gallery is a huge mix of material and style produced by members of the art group and displayed for all to come and see.
Koni Marcoux, a founder of Coatic’Art, explained a little about how the group came to be.
“The brain can’t function if the brain is alone, so what I did was put out a call and many artists replied. I found like-minded artists, and through that, Coatic’Art was born. In the beginning, we weren’t called Coatic’Art, we were ‘Les Grands du Jeudi,’ because we didn’t even have a name yet.”
The group gets together regularly to discuss art, sketch and help each other out; even recounting the time they had an open-air painting session in Winter that involved many frigid hands, and cups of coffee.
“In the beginning, we were meeting in each other’s houses until we got organized and were given the third floor of the library building by the town.”
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