Coaticook Ferris wheel finished for the season

     Coaticook Ferris wheel finished for the season

Record Staff


The Ferris wheel that was set up in front of the Pavillon des arts et de la culture de Coaticook over the course of the last month is now closed for good.

In addition to serving as a seasonal attraction for people in the community, the Ferris wheel was also a fundraising activity for the Coaticook MRC Volunteer centre (CAB) and its annual Christmas basket campaign. Anyone looking to ride the wheel was asked for a minimum donation of $2, which was put towards the work of the CAB.

According to a press release issued by the town of Coaticook on Monday, this initiative succeeded in raising a total of $9,468 over the short time that it was up and running.

“We are delighted with the great participation of the population in this original activity and the traffic that it created in our city center during the holiday season,” Simon Madore, President of Rues Principales and mayor of the town of Coaticook is quoted as saying in Monday’s release.

The CAB will benefit greatly from the donation of nearly $10,000  to its work  of helping people in need throughout the year with food assistance of various kinds.

“We are really happy that Rues Principales thought of our organization to give us the donations. Requests are increasing. Thank you all for your generosity”, said Marjorie Tyroler, General Manager of the Coaticook MRC Volunteer Center.

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