Coaticook organization raises $32,462 for local food bank

By Michael Boriero

The Centre d’action bénévole (CAB) de la MRC de Coaticook broke an organizational record last week, after the local nonprofit raised $32,462 and collected 1,500 pounds worth of food.
The generous donations made by members of the community during the organization’s annual food drive will go towards sustaining the local food bank throughout the year. The food will also be used to fill the holiday baskets, which has skyrocketed in demand over the past few weeks.
According to Sabrina Rhéaume, a coordinator at the CAB, the nonprofit organization has seen a 35 per cent increase in demand for the holiday basket campaign. But while demand is growing in the area, the CAB has also seen a spike in generosity, especially during the winter.
“Well, last year already we collected more than we usually collect, so for the past two years we have been breaking collection records and it has been increasing from one year to another,” Rhéaume said, noting the organization accumulated 800 pounds worth of food last campaign.
They almost doubled the amount this year to meet the needs of its swelling clientele. Rhéaume noted Coaticook residents always show up in solidarity to help out the organization. But she has also noticed a significant jump in weekly users of the local food bank throughout the year.

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