CoHa design: designing greener homes

By Johnathan Houle – Special to The Record
CoHa design: designing greener homes
Amelia Jasper-Laurin, owner (Photo : Courtesy CoHa design)

Based in Sainte-Edwidge-de-Clifton, CoHa Designs is a recently established company with a focus on bringing nature back into the design process. Founded last November by Amelia Jasper-Laurin, the sole proprietor of CoHa Design, the company has found success using the principles of permaculture to help people revitalize their homes while being considerate of nature.

Having an interest in architecture and the ability to envision things differently since a young age, Jasper-Laurin always knew that she would work as a designer. “As far as I can remember, I’ve always had an eye for interiors and exteriors, said Jasper-Laurin, jokingly adding, “Some of my earliest memories are people’s houses rather than the people themselves.” Originally from the Montreal area, Jasper-Laurin decided to settle in the Townships after falling in love with the scenery. After working with many design firms in the Magog area and with local farmers, Jasper-Laurin credits her work in the area as the inspiration to CoHa’s establishment. “During the pandemic, I started to work on some farms helping out a bit,” said Jasper-Laurin, “That is where I fell in love with plants and where I started to think about incorporating interior design and eventually led to me founding the company.”

While working with interior designers in Montreal and Magog, Jasper-Laurin found that there were many issues with the current design process. “There was a lot of excess garbage and things that weren’t thought of properly,” said Jasper-Laurin, “I feel like there is a very important link between the inside and outside of our homes and our habitat is much more than the just the inside of our home.” Working at creating a cohabitation between the interior and exterior and designing spaces a little more consciously is what CoHa Design is all about. “These types of design processes are healthier for us, more inspiring and promote living with nature,” explained Jasper-Laurin.
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