College Street crosswalk coming this year

By Gordon Lambie

One of the items included in the extensive list of projects to receive funding from Quebec’s Ministry of Transport over the 2020-2022 period is the installation of a pedestrian light on College Street in Lennoxville near the intersection with Little Forks. The project was first formally approved in the 2018-2020 funding announcement under the Liberal Government, but without firm details about when and how the work would move ahead. The crosswalk dates back to 2004, when it was moved to its current location from the Bishop’s side of the Massawippi River in the hope that the change would make for a safer crossing. The safety of the new location, however, has been an ongoing concern in the community ever since and even inspired a few demonstrations by the local student populations. See full story in the Tuesday, Feb. 25 edition of The Record.

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