Colombo joins Sherbrooke Police Service

Colombo joins  Sherbrooke Police Service
(Photo : Courtesy of the SPS)

Record Staff

A new emotional support dog has joined the Criminal Investigation Division of the Sherbrooke Police Service (SPS). Colombo has taken over the job from his predecessor, Kanak. During his five years of service, Kanak carried out 429 support interventions.
Like Kanak, Colombo will mainly serve as an assistant to the Criminal Investigation Division of the SPS during interviews with young victims of crime. He will then accompany them through the various stages of the judicial process. Patrol officers will also request his presence to support the Sherbrooke population during traumatic events.
“Kanak was the first emotional service dog in Quebec. The comfort he provided helped many people and facilitated the connection between police officers and the community. It is clear that Colombo will also contribute to the well-being of the people who meet him,” Danielle Berthold, president of the public safety committee said in a press release.
The use of an emotional support dog is part of a pilot project resulting from a partnership between the SPS and the Mira Foundation. This agreement has been renewed for a period of five years.

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