Colson awarded for Dunham House determination

By Gordon Lambie
Colson awarded for Dunham House determination
Dunham House General Manager Murray Brohman and Daniel Colson, Deputy Chair of the Advisory Board, in front of the centre (Photo : Photo courtesy Dunham House)

Not that long ago, according to Daniel Colson, the service now known as Dunham House was on the verge of disappearing. Then known as the NuHab Centre, a group home for people with mental health and addiction issues, the facility was trying, and failing, to find a new home where it could expand on the mission started in Ascot Corner years ago.
“Unfortunately whenever it became known who we were and what we were planning to do, invariably people would tell us how wonderful they thought what we do is, but couldn’t we do it 20 miles down the road?” recalled Colson, who serves as the Deputy Chairperson of the Dunham House Advisory Board, explaining that NuHab was turned away from three different communities before finding its new home in Dunham. “Frankly it’s almost a miracle,” he added. “For about a year there I was beginning to think we would never continue to exist.” See full story in the Tuesday, July 10 edition of the Brome County News.

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