Commerce Sherbrooke launches “operation local”

Record Staff
Commerce Sherbrooke launches “operation local”

As a part of ongoing efforts to support local businesses in a challenging time, Commerce Sherbrooke and its local partners are launching a new campaign.
The goal of this initiative is to quickly inject $100,000 into the local economy through the sale of vouchers that cost $30 but give their buyers $40 of buying power at over fifty local businesses. Participating citizens will be able to choose up to five vouchers per person via the La Ruche Estrie website or directly at the following URL address: The quantity of vouchers available is limited, as is the 21-day campaign.
“The primary objective of this campaign is to quickly inject funds into the local economy, but it also represents an opportunity to educate the Sherbrooke population about local purchasing at the start of the holiday season,” said Charles-Olivier Mercier, General Manager of Commerce Sherbrooke.

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