Common front strike action coming Nov. 6,8 and 9

Common front strike action coming Nov. 6,8 and 9

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Health sector

Sherbrooke hospital CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS announced scheduled strikes affecting approximately 13,600 employees from the SCFP, CSN, and APTS unions on Nov. 6, followed by around 5,700 FIQ unionized employees on Nov. 8 and 9.

Management is coordinating with the unions to maintain essential services and mitigate the strike’s impact on care and service provision. Yann Belzile, Director of Human Resources, Communications, and Legal Affairs said in a press release that emergency and intensive care services will remain unaffected, though some delays in telephone services and cafeteria operations are expected.

The public is encouraged to keep their appointments unless notified otherwise and to seek urgent health consultations as needed. The Administrative Labor Tribunal has underscored the importance of essential services to public health and safety.

The upcoming strikes, part of the common front, are a response to ongoing labor disputes.



Elementary, high school and Cegep unions will also strike on Monday, affecting local schools.

According to a letter sent to parents by the Eastern Townships School Board, transportation services will not be available Monday morning, and schools will open as of 11 a.m. Daycare services that operate through schools will also be cancelled in the morning, but afternoon daycare and transportation services will resume as usual.

Many instructors from Cegeps in Quebec will be on Strike until noon Monday, continuing on with regular schedules in the afternoon.

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