Con Ed finding new life at BU

By Gordon Lambie
Con Ed finding new life at BU

Bishop’s full-time students are heading back to school this weekend, but a renewed energy in the University’s Continuing Education office means that soon the community will be welcomed back into the classroom as well. This year, for the first time in close to a decade, Con. Ed. has released a fall course catalogue that goes beyond English as a Second Language courses and offers classes, workshops and certificates catered to the interests of those who may want to engage in lifelong learning without the time or financial commitment of taking a full degree.

“This is a new beginning for us,” said Kathryn Standish, BU’s Coordinator of Continuing Education. “Our main goal is to put Con. Ed. back on the map, and we would like to have something for everyone.”

Standish said that Continuing Education works like a school within the school at BU for part-time, non-degree students and adults interested in engaging in lifelong learning opportunities without signing on for the commitment of a full range of courses. The office, located on the second floor of the Nichols building, organizes and manages finances, registration and all other aspects of organization for the courses offered, working for the first time this year under associate VP Marie-Josée Berger.

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