Congratulations from the Lampe Foundation

Congratulations from the Lampe Foundation
(Photo : Matthew McCully)

By Matthew McCully

Lampe Foundation Co-President Heather Bowman had to offer her congratulations to the Lampe Foundation’s spring award recipients from a distance this year.
Since 1993 the community-based non-profit has been supporting local students in the continuation of their studies with financial assistance and mentoring.
Under normal circumstances a reception would be held to recognize the hard work and dedication of the scholarship winners in person. This year, a phone call to each of the winners had to suffice, Bowman said.
While giving a nod to this year’s recipients, Bowman also extended her thanks to the Lampe Foundation board members, as well as the many donors who help the foundation continue its mission to support local students in their education and enable them to contribute meaningfully to society.
Meet this year’s award recipients in this Friday’s edition of The Outlet.

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