Construction projects given the green light to start back up

Record Staff

Although May 11 got a lot of publicity as the date when the province’s French schools will be reopening their doors, it also marks a new beginning for the construction industry. As a result, those people who need to leave the house should be prepared to start seeing detours on the roads again as projects pick back up where they left off earlier in the spring.
Like with all the other sectors “re-opening” in Quebec, work sites are expected to be restarted only under strict health and safety guidelines meant to help limit the spread of COVID-19.
In the Eastern Townships, work ranging from culvert inspections to the construction of the Highway 410 extension have the green light from Quebec’s Ministry of Transport (MTQ) to pick back up again, although the MTQ has stated that it is proceeding in alert mode and will be keeping close track of how things proceed. Information on MTQ projects can be found online at
The city of Sherbooke announced its plans to restart infrastructure work last week, and will be moving ahead with a number of projects, beginning today. Notably, the demolition work on Galt Street West will begin again, restricting the size of that road, and a month-long period of maintenance will begin for a pumping station located across from 184 Queen Street in Lennoxville. Sherbrooke’s road and infrastructure projects are mapped out at
Elsewhere in the townships, the city of Magog is moving ahead with the final stages of its downtown revitalization project, including paving work, pouring of concrete walkways, sidewalk finishing, planting of trees and shrubs, and the installation of electric recharge stations. More information is available on this work at

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