Cookshire-Eaton resident is Canada’s 11th Strongest Man

By Michael Boriero
Cookshire-Eaton resident is Canada’s 11th Strongest Man
(Photo : Courtesy)

After suffering an injury to his bicep and pectoral muscle, Ben Court needed to hunker down and fight through the pain, as he took part in his first Canada’s Strongest Man last weekend, claiming 11th place out of 12 equally hungry competitors.
He hurt himself during the atlas stones event — the last event on the first day of the competition. Court said the atlas stones weigh anywhere between 310 and 420 pounds. It’s a lot of heavy lifting spread out over three days. And Court did most of it with a serious injury.
“Unfortunately, at that event, I injured myself. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but I tore something in my bicep and pectoral, but I continued on in the competition anyway. I contemplated maybe pulling out, but I worked so hard to get there,” Court told The Record.
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