COVID-19, founder of heartbreak and hope

COVID-19, founder of heartbreak and hope
Vaccines are ongoing in the fight against COVID-19. (Photo : Record archives)

By Marianne Lassonde
Special to The Record

After a year in pandemic mode, the idea of hundreds of people huddled together in one room and enjoying a day of carefree festivities seems almost inconceivable, though not unwelcome. Certainly, with the rollout of vaccines and the province slowly starting to reopen, spring seems to be blooming with hope – a reality that could not be further from March 2020.
If you took a stroll through the streets of Lennoxville a year ago, you could see buildings coated with bright, green posters promoting the Girl Guides of Canada’s St.Patrick’s Day Coffee Party. You could hear loud chatter of drama students hyped up on Tim Hortons coffee, buzzing with excitement over the premiere of Bishop’s University’s Miracle Worker.
“Everything felt normal that morning,” remembered Theresa Graham, a fourth-year drama student. “You hear stuff on the news, you hear stuff that seems far away from you, but you don’t think about it.”
But when her professor and director walked into class that afternoon with a sombre look on his face, Graham knew something was up.
“Nobody understood what was going on but there had been rumours,” admitted Graham.

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