Crowdfunding campaign to protect the Boisé Ascot-Lennox

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Crowdfunding campaign to protect the Boisé Ascot-Lennox

The Association for the Protection and Enhancement of the Boisé Ascot-Lennox, now registered as a non-profit organization (NPO), is launching a crowdfunding campaign aimed at raising funds for the acquisition of land located in the Boisé Ascot-Lennox. The goal is to ensure the sustainability of this priceless natural space.

Ensuring green spaces and a quality of life for Sherbrooke residents

The Boisé Ascot-Lennox is under threat of massive tree cutting to make way for the construction of residential neighborhoods. However, it is an important urban green space of almost 700 acres, larger than Parc du Mont-Bellevue. It offers countless benefits to Sherbrooke residents, such as reducing heat island effects as well as offering water retention that reduces the risk of flooding.
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