Curlers excited to be back on the ice

By Johnathan Houle – Special to The Record
Curlers excited to be back on the ice

The 2021-2022 season has been hard for curling enthusiasts. The spike in Covid infections last fall and during the holidays put a stop to many activities for the Lennoxville Club. “We were open until the middle of December,” said Allan Rowell, member of the Lennoxville Curling Club., adding “We only recently opened up the club for regular curling on the Feb. 14.” The six weeks of closure was rather difficult for the club and members alike. However, with the operations beginning to resume, curlers are looking forward to enjoying the rest of the season.

With the scheduled daily games returning, both the Lennoxville and North Hatley Curling Clubs are thrilled to be back on the ice to play against each other on Thursday mornings. The tradition of playing against each other weekly is a long-standing tradition. “We’ve been playing against each other for a long time,” said Dave McCormack, a member of the Lennoxville Curling Club, adding, “We have a lengthy rivalry going on with the Hatley Club.” While there may certainly be a friendly rivalry between clubs, the scale easily tips towards the friendly side rather than the rivalry as members of the different clubs laugh with each other over their coffee and donut break.

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