Cyclovia Sherbrooke promotes active transportation

By Michael Boriero
Cyclovia Sherbrooke promotes active transportation
(Photo : Rémi Bélanger-Laberge)

It was going to take a lot more than a little rain to stop the organizers and participants of the first annual Cyclovia Sherbrooke event from hitting the streets on Sunday.
“It went very well logistically,” said co-organizer Rémi Bélanger-Laberge in a phone interview Monday. “We had no incidents, and of course, because of the rain less people than expected came to the event. We organized it for families and festive events for bikers and pedestrians.”
Cyclovia is a concept developed in the 1970s in which participating cities temporarily shut down major road arteries to motorists to create a safe, car-free living space for pedestrians and cyclists.
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