Danville defibrillator mystery solved

Geoff Agombar
Danville defibrillator mystery solved

Feb. 16., Danville residents learned that the public defibrillator in the Desjardins ATM lobby had been vandalised and would be moved to a new location.

The news was shared via the town Facebook page. People responded with angry and sad emoji reactions. One hoped security footage caught the culprit in the act.

Fire chief Alain Roy explains he was suspicious because the safety device was found inoperable twice in one week.

“Normally, I go around once every two weeks to verify that all the municipal equipment is functioning and nothing needs to be replaced,” Roy says. “When I arrived at the Caisse Populaire, the defibrillator was making a beep-beep-beep, like it had been tripped. When I opened it, I discovered the electrodes were spent. They had been torn open.”

This was out of the ordinary, because no one had notified the fire service of a use, “We were more suspicious when it happened twice in the same week. ‘Hey, we’ve been vandalized! Somebody’s taking the electrodes and doing something with them.’”
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