Dating has never been easy

Dating has never been easy

By Tim Belford 


I wouldn’t want to be part of today’s dating scene. Not that She Who Must Be Obeyed would put up with anything like that anyway. It just seems to be so difficult in today’s era of social media for anyone to meet a potential significant other.

Even when I was ‘dating’ back in the dark ages I wasn’t particularly good at it.

I know, I know, you’re thinking how could that be possible for a not bad looking, intelligent, friendly sort like myself but its true. On one of my first dates, the young lass that I’d set my heart on actually lost the last of her baby teeth biting into a candy apple.

On another ill-fated outing I was introduced to my date’s parents – you did that sort of thing in those days – and promptly took a step backward and kicked over a lovely glass vase which shattered into about two hundred pieces. What it was doing on the floor by the door in the first place I have no idea but there I stood, red-faced and sweating.


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