Daycare waiting list causing parents stress

Daycare waiting list causing parents stress

By Bird Bouchard


Having been on a waitlist for daycare services for nearly eight months, a local woman is beginning to get worried about what the future will look like finding childcare.

Haley Bould loves being a mother. When she first arrived in Shebrooke last year, she didn’t start looking for a daycare right away because she was on maternity leave, not knowing what her plan was going to be moving forward.

As time went on, she decided to register for school taking Computer and Information Technology at McGill University. She said her intention was to keep her son home since her classes were in the evening and her partner would be home to watch their child.

“My Service Quebec agent was insistent I get him into daycare as the course has a large workload. Fortunately, I did what she requested because she was right,” said Bould.

According to Bryan St-Louis, Communications Director with the Ministry of Family, to have access to recognized childcare services, parents must register with Place 0-5.

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