Construction workers digging away in front of Lennoxville’s Maxi grocery store (Photo : William Crooks)

The curious case of construction work in front of Lennoxville’s Maxi

By William Crooks

Local Journalism Initiative

Lennoxvillians may have noticed the big hole being excavated out in front of Lennoxville’s Maxi grocery store, right where the bus stop used to be. The Record has been digging into the issue itself to find out more since early last week. However, no definitive explanation from a decision-maker has arisen, despite numerous phone calls and emails sent out to related relevant groups.

Recent discussions during the May 28 Lennoxville monthly borough council meeting shed some light on the ongoing construction and possible decontamination efforts; the site in question, councillors confirmed, was formerly occupied by a garage and a gas station.

Claude Charron, borough president, said he reached out to the town for updates on the construction project. He said despite attempts to contact project leads, information remains limited due to confidentiality.

Signs have been posted at the site, indicating potential active decontamination processes. They read:

“Valusol – RBQ 5581-7431-01 | ISO 9001-2015 – RÉHABILITATION DÉFINITIVE, SOLUTIONS SÉCURITAIRES -Retrait de réservoirs • Sols contaminés • Pieux & murs de soutènement – 450 653-2000 |”

Some residents have expressed interest in understanding the full scope of the project and its implications. The council said it is committed to keeping the community informed as more details become available.

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