Derby Line funding shortfall could delay sewage plant ­construction project

By Steve Blake, Special to The Record

Stanstead, Que. And Derby Line, Vt. must rebuild the sewage treatment plant they share in Rock Island, Que. at a cost of more than $6.26 million, but Derby Line might have to put another bond issue up for a public vote, which could put the deadline in jeopardy. The voters in the Vermont village have already approved a bond of $2 million. Stanstead is getting financial assistance from the Quebec and Canadian governments. The Stanstead Council and the Derby Line Board of Trustees met Thursday at the Derby Line Village Hall to tweak the proposed agreement between the two communities, where the trustees told the councillors they don’t have their full portion of the funding. The plant was built in the 1960s, and Derby Line began sending its sewage for treatment in Rock Island in 1980. Derby Line contributed its share of the operational costs. Two years ago the communities began planning a renovation project. Two million dollars would have easily covered Derby Line’s share of the cost. See full story in the Monday, July 22 edition of The Record.

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