Diversity mural unveiled in Sherbrooke

Diversity mural unveiled in Sherbrooke
Graffiti artists Boris Biberdzic and Guillaume Cabana, who painted the new mural on the side of the Estrie Aide building in Sherbrooke. (Photo : Courtesy Actions Interculturelles)

Record Staff

In response to the issues of cultural diversity and using the art of graffiti as a tool for inclusion, a partnership between Actions interculturelles and Estrie Aide was born. Together, they embarked on the production of a major mural. Almost the entire wall of Estrie Aide’s building, located on Wellington Street in Sherbrooke, was used as a canvas by well-known Sherbrooke graffiti artists Guillaume Cabana and Boris Biberdzic, who painted an urban work illustrating the beauty of difference.
The work was officially unveiled on Wednesday.
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