Do you know a leader in your community? Help us honour them!

Do you know a leader in your community? Help us honour them!

By Michelle Lepitre


Everywhere you go, you can find people who go above and beyond to make our communities better places to live. Sometimes, you find them organizing events or hosting activities, other times you meet them in a kitchen cooking up delicious meals or out on a lawnmower getting a park or property all cleaned up for a big celebration. They might be someone who gives their time to serve breakfast at a local school, someone who coaches a local sports team, or someone who drives other people to appointments and activities just because they can.

If you take a moment to think about it, I’m sure that one or two people came to mind for you while you were reading that first paragraph… and whether they are in the spotlight already or they tend to keep a low profile, we think they deserve to be rewarded for their efforts. Now, you have a chance to help them get the recognition they deserve! Why not nominate them for an Outstanding Townshipper award this year and let the rest of our English-speaking community know just how special they are?


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