Dog owners advised to be on alert

By Gordon Lambie
Dog owners advised to be on alert
(Photo : Matthew McCully)

Last week Laurie Hannan of Richmond sounded the alarm on Facebook after her step-daughter called to say that a strange man had come by the house three times taking photos of the front door, locks, garage door and barn, as well as others through the windows of the house. While it is hard to say exactly what the person was looking for or at, Hannan said that she suspects dog thieves based on the fact that a neighbour’s dog went missing the previous weekend.
“They just let it out for five minutes,” she said, noting that the experience, coupled with another situation where a car doubled back in front of her house seemingly to look at her dog got her nervous.
Hannan’s Facebook post mentioning the van was widely shared and, she said, generated a fair amount of concern, including a few other stories of people who claimed to have seen a suspicious van.
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