Double speed skating gold medals for Amelia Blinn

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Double speed skating gold medals for Amelia Blinn
14-year-old Amelia Blinn poses with her two gold medals that she won over the weekend at the Jeux du Québec. (Photo : Cliclavie Photography)

By Emilie Hackett, Special to the Record – Fourteen-year-old Amelia Blinn won gold in both the 1,000 and 1,500-metre races and placed fourth in the 400-metre in short track speedskating at the Jeux du Québec (JDQ) in Quebec City last weekend. The Richmond resident will be heading to the Quebec speed skating championships in Trois-Rivières next weekend hoping to claim more titles. In a phone interview with The Record, Blinn gave an overview of the competition. “The 1,000-metre race, which is 10 laps, was on the first of three days of competition, so I was well-rested,” she said. “It was a really tight race, but I took the lead with a smooth inside pass in the fifth lap. I could see in the corner of my eyes that the girls behind me were super close, but I just kept skating as fast as I could and told myself that regardless of the result, I could be proud. Once I crossed the finish line, I realized I had won, and I started to tear up.” See full story in the Tuesday, March 12 edition of The Record.

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