Downtown Magog: A popular site this winter

Downtown Magog: A popular site this winter
(Photo : Toursime Cantons de l’est)

By Marie-Camille Théorêt
Special to The Record

Many locals and visitors have taken advantage of downtown Magog and the surrounding areas during the winter and March break, especially on weekends. It has notably been the case this year with people either shopping, walking, or skating outside.
Austin residents Jean and Nathalie walk everyday across the city and enjoy it very much. When interviewed, the two were very well-equipped to face a frozen and windy day by lake Memphremagog. They have noticed that many people are in Magog lately.
“There are many people downtown and on the skating path, but we still feel good and safe being outside. Nobody really wears a mask, but people remain respectful,” the two Austin residents said.

Even if Magog’s famous frozen pathway opened later in the season than it usually does, the conditions after Christmas have been the best in years. This, added to COVID-19, has made the path very popular; so popular that in early January the police had to intervene.

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