Driver clocked at 102km/h in Lennoxville

By Gordon Lambie
Driver clocked at 102km/h in Lennoxville
(Photo : Gordon Lambie)

At 8:30 Wednesday morning Sherbrooke police stopped a 46-year-old man driving at 102 km/h through the intersection of College and Parkdale streets in Lennoxville. In addition to being quite close to the centre of the community, the corner also includes a crosswalk frequented by many local children on their way to nearby Saint-Antoine and Lennoxville Elementary Schools.

According to SPS communications officer Martin Carrier, the police were present due to complaints about speed from the school crossing guards who work on the corner, although he added that this particular level of speeding was not what police were expecting to find.

The driver received an $817 ticket and 10 demerit points, in addition to having his license suspended for 30 days.
The crossing guard working on the corner Thursday declined to comment on the situation, sharing that city employees are not supposed to comment publicly, but recently retired crossing guard Nancy Rowell said that things could have been much worse.

“It’s such a blind spot,” Rowell said, “If anyone had been crossing the road, there would have been carnage.”
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