Eco-lodge owners to host a free stargazing event

By Emilie Hackett Special to the Record


La Station du Chêne Rouge is a diversified eco-lodge in the Eastern Townships and was inaugurated on June 21. Nearly two months later, owners Philippe Florentin and Hilda Ashikian are inviting Townshippers from all around to a free stargazing event on their site on Saturday Aug. 10, right on time for the Perseid shooting star showers.
Visitors are invited to attend as of 8:30 p.m., where there will be ambient music and a telescope available for avid stargazers. “For having seen the Perseids showers many times on our own balcony on our property nearby, we can assure that it’s a great location for this activity,” explained Ashikian. “There is very little light pollution around here and it’s very peaceful and quiet, all while being close by. We have a panoramic view of the night sky.”


See full story in August 7 edition of The Record

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